When the Northern lights were first spotted on June 11, 2009, it was a strange phenomenon, but that was until now.

    The lights have been seen from the UK, Australia and New Zealand since then.

    What makes the phenomenon unique?

    The Northern Lights consist of three lights in the sky: the constellation of Orion, the Great Bear and the Triangle of Light.

    The Great Bear is the most famous of the three.

    It has a red star which is sometimes mistaken for a bullseye and can be seen in the morning and evening.

    It is the brightest star in the night sky.

    The Triangle of light is the second brightest star.

    It can be found in the early morning and at night.

    The light is a little dimmer at the same time.

    It’s sometimes mistaken as a meteor shower, but it’s actually a light show.

    What is it and why is it so strange?

    The Great Bears star, the Orion, is the only star that is brighter than the Great Blue Heron, which is the largest of the Great Bears, or Orion, constellation.

    The Great Bear’s star is much brighter than Orion.

    When you look at the Great Bisons star, you can see it’s a red, bright light, similar to the lights that appear at night on the Northern Plains.

    This light is not unlike what people see when they look up from the horizon.

    What are the consequences?

    The lights are so strange because they’re so close to us that we can see them with our eyes, but they’re very far away from us, at an altitude of about 1,500 metres.

    The Northern lights are visible to the naked eye from almost any latitude in the world.

    They are also visible from the equator.

    They’re very faint and the colours of the light can be confusing.

    Some people see the light as a red light and others see it as a blue light, but we all get the same colours.

    What’s causing this weird phenomenon?

    Scientists are unsure of what causes the Northern light phenomenon.

    Some say the northern lights are caused by the Sun’s magnetic field.

    Others say it’s due to the Earth’s magnetic fields, or how the magnetic fields in the atmosphere affect the Earth.

    The latter theory is also disputed by some scientists.

    If you’ve ever wondered what you look like when you look up at the horizon, it’s because you’re seeing the Northern Light.


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