The Government is introducing solar lights for cars, after receiving feedback from car owners.

    The Department of Communications, Energy and Planning has released a white paper outlining the Government’s vision for how cars can be connected to the grid.

    The lights will help drive down the price of electricity in remote and remote-seeming communities.

    “The Government is committed to providing Australians with a range of benefits, including cleaner air, more secure electricity supply, and lower electricity bills,” the paper reads.

    “However, in remote, remote and regional communities, where electricity prices are high and transmission lines are unreliable, more efficient lighting options can help reduce the impact of these issues.”

    The proposal comes as the Government releases its energy policy update on Thursday.

    The Government said the update will include plans for a more sustainable energy supply, as well as a range the Government wants to invest in.

    The report also calls for better monitoring and accountability for the energy supply.

    “It is vital that Australia has the most efficient and reliable power grid in the world, with a reliable and resilient power supply,” it states.

    The document recommends that the Government “reassess the future viability of the nation’s energy systems”.

    The report states the Government needs to get its act together before the “critical mass” of Australians becomes aware of the “unprecedented” benefits.

    “We need to get to the point where we are able to make an informed decision about the future of our energy system,” the document states.

    The White Paper comes as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is responsible for energy, announced that he will step down from the role in 2019. “

    At this critical juncture, it is essential we continue to work with the community and the private sector to make a better system for all Australians.”

    The White Paper comes as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is responsible for energy, announced that he will step down from the role in 2019.

    He is due to become a full-time adviser for the Prime Minister’s office.


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