A Trump victory would be a boon for oil, gas and coal producers and a big boost to American manufacturing.

    That’s according to the president-elect’s pick for the National Petroleum Council.

    John Hultgren, who is currently a senior adviser to the Trump transition team, says Trump would “have the right vision” to help the energy industry rebound.

    And he says he believes Trump is a better deal than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

    “The American people are tired of the status quo, they want change, they need change,” Hultgen told Politico.

    “And I think if Donald Trump is elected, he will be the change that the American people demand.

    He will be a real energy champion.”

    The former governor of North Dakota and chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Hultgrove says Trump’s energy policies would help boost jobs in the oil and gas industry, especially the production of high-grade crude.

    “I think he will have the right idea to bring back jobs and create more opportunities for our people,” he said.

    “That’s a win for America.”

    He said the country needs to invest in infrastructure, energy efficiency, solar and wind energy.

    Hultgo said Trump will have a plan to combat climate change.

    “The energy revolution will have to take the lead, because it is the future of the economy,” he told Politico, adding that he is “extremely bullish” on coal.

    Trump, who has long been critical of climate change, has repeatedly questioned the scientific consensus that the planet is warming, and has called global warming a hoax.


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