FourFourThree Queensland has produced an annual report to assess the current state of the state of affairs.

    It has also compiled the Premier’s Questions, which were a series of questions put to the Premier at state and federal elections.

    In this year’s annual report, FourFour Two’s executive editor, Nick Karras, analysed the responses to the questions and highlighted the leaders who stood out to him.

    Mr Karrass said there was a strong correlation between the number of leaders who held their office in the state and the number that had held the office for longer.

    “The Queensland Premier’s Question is always an opportunity for people to talk about the leadership they think the Premier should be,” he said.

    “There are many, many Queenslanders who would like to see a more effective Queensland Premier, and many of them have taken part in the Premier and Premier’s questions to see if they think that would be a good leader.”

    Some of the people who have done it have come to a conclusion that their favourite Premier should remain, or they feel they need to be in the party and their preferred leader is still in the game.

    “Mr Kargas also identified the top-10 Queensland leaders in terms of their number of Premier’s Queries answered.

    I thought that was interesting, because I thought his answer to that question was that it was going to be a very difficult job for him.” “

    Bob Katter’s answer was that he doesn’t have a plan for governing,” he explained.

    “I thought that was interesting, because I thought his answer to that question was that it was going to be a very difficult job for him.”

    Mr Jaffe agreed that Mr Katter had not addressed the Premier question well, and that he was not the person to ask.

    “Bob was saying that he had no plans for governing.

    He’s been in politics for many, much longer than anyone else,” he told FourFour.

    “[I thought] it was an interesting question and I would like people to have a look at the Premier Questions.”

    AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan was also asked a question during the Premier Question period and responded with a similar answer.

    “We know the Premier wants to be prime minister,” she said.

    Ms McLachlin said she would not be surprised if a number of Queenslanders would want to see Mr Kaseras removed.

    She also said she was pleased that Queenslanders were choosing to hold their own leader at the national level, rather than supporting a particular state leader.

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