FourFourSeconds ago, the internet exploded with discussion over whether the world’s best outdoor light bulbs should be red or green.

    The most popular option?

    Red, as it makes for the most comfortable, efficient light.

    However, a new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania has found that it’s also the most cost-effective option.

    “The green light in a traditional room is actually cheaper, which is what makes it the best choice for outdoor lighting,” said Dr. Jeffrey F. Brown, an associate professor of engineering at Penn.

    “It’s the most efficient.” 

    “We need to take the opportunity to be green” when it comes to outdoor lighting, Brown said.

    The researchers analyzed lighting from around the world and found that green lighting was generally cheaper and more efficient than red.

    “Green is a more efficient light than red, but it’s not necessarily a better one,” Brown said, “and it doesn’t last forever.”

    Brown, who is also a professor of physics and astronomy at Penn, said he hopes the study will help illuminate the current state of outdoor lighting and provide better insights into the science of light.

    “I think that the green light is going to be better than red for a long time, and it’s probably going to stay that way,” Brown added.

    “But at the same time, I think we have to realize that if we are going to take a step back and look at it objectively, red is the better choice for indoor lighting.” 

    According to Brown, there are several factors that influence the efficiency of lighting in outdoor environments.

    Red light has a much longer wavelength, which means that it can absorb more energy than green light.

    “When you’re in the middle of the night, you can’t see the sun,” Brown explained.

    Green light is a lot more efficient.” “

    Red light has longer wavelengths, so it has more energy absorption, so green light will absorb it more.

    Green light is a lot more efficient.”

    Brown’s research has also revealed that green and blue light sources can have different effects on the amount of light reflected from different parts of the light spectrum.

    For example, when you look through a window, a white light source will have a much smaller effect on the light reflected in the window, and the same is true when you turn a switch on your computer.

    “A light bulb, like any other light source, has a frequency that reflects light in one direction and reflects light out the other,” Brown noted.

    “That’s the light that is actually absorbed, so the higher the frequency, the more it absorbs.

    The higher the frequencies, the smaller the amount that it absorbs.”

    “We can’t get all the way to the center of the spectrum” The researchers also analyzed the effect of different types of lighting.

    Brown said that most people assume that red lights reflect a lot light and make a big deal of it, but the truth is that there are different wavelengths of light that you can use.

    “There are some things that you really need to be looking at when choosing what to use, but there are other things that reflect light in different ways,” he said.

    “You might want to use red light for the light in your home, but if you’re outside, you’re going to need to turn down the intensity.”

    The researchers also looked at the effect that different lighting sources have on the behavior of different animals.

    “If you want a green light, there’s a chance you’re putting a lot green in the light, so you’re not going to see the best effect,” Brown observed.

    “On the other hand, if you want to get a blue light, you probably want to lower the intensity a bit, so that it reflects more of the sunlight back into the room.”

    Brown said the study also found that different types and sizes of plants have different ways of reflecting light.

    Some plants are very sensitive to different types, while others are much more sensitive.

    “Some plants absorb more light and some plants don’t,” Brown pointed out.

    “For example, the red or the blue light you get from a fluorescent bulb, they reflect a different amount of energy.

    So the plants are able to get some benefit out of that particular light, but they’re also more sensitive to that type of light.” 

     The researchers said that when it came to outdoor light, Brown’s group found that indoor lighting had the biggest impact on how much light a room absorbs.

    For instance, if the light from a green lamp is coming from a different part of the room, the room’s response will be much less than when you have red lighting in the same room.

    In other words, the effect is less if you use green light to reflect light away from the room. 

     “You want to be really selective with your lighting,” Brown concluded.

    “And then, once you have those different lighting types, you really


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