A group of scientists has unveiled a new technology that can help us make better-informed decisions about the best way to use our power.

    It’s the first time scientists have combined the best of scientific research with the best technology, making the answer to “Which is the quickest way to power a car?” seem quite simple.

    The technology, called LightBoost, uses LED lights to illuminate an electric motor in the front of the car.

    The light from the LEDs dims when the car is moving and brightens when the vehicle is stationary.

    The idea is to allow drivers to get a better idea of the speed they are travelling on a given road without the need to switch on the car’s headlights.

    The team behind the new invention says the technology could help improve road safety by reducing road accidents, pollution, and energy costs.

    “A car can travel a very long distance in one minute, but there are many people who travel at very little speed.

    That’s a huge problem.

    To reduce that speed to less than the speed of light requires a lot of energy, but to make the energy cost less than a few milliamps, we need LEDs,” said Ravi Shastri, director of research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics.

    The concept for LightBoost came from a team at MIT and Harvard.

    It was developed with input from engineers and physicists from several countries.

    It’s the result of the collaboration between Shastra and scientists from the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.NREL is the government agency that is responsible for creating and developing new renewable energy technologies.

    It funded the research.

    “We have shown that there are ways to combine the best technologies to develop a safer, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly transportation system,” Shastree said.

    “The LightBoost concept has been developed from the ground up using advanced computer simulations, high-precision laser-scanning technology, and photonic devices.

    This work will contribute to the development of a safer and more efficient way to travel.”

    The technology could be used by electric vehicles, which are now the fastest growing segment of the transportation industry, and by light-rail systems.

    It could also be used for low-carbon vehicles like electric bikes and cars that are more environmentally-friendly and efficient.

    Shastri said the LightBoost technology is currently being developed for a prototype vehicle that will be used in a pilot project to test the technology in India.

    He said the company hopes to have the technology ready for commercial production by the end of the year.

    “Our goal is to have a product in commercial production in the first quarter of 2019,” Sh.said.


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