1/10 The Jerusalem street lights The lights on Jerusalem’s Old City are red.

    Most of them are not blue or yellow, which are traditional colors.

    In addition, the Jerusalem district lights have been changed in recent years from red to green.

    They were red in 1967 and yellow in 1980.

    2/10 Red lights on a Jerusalem street The lights in the Jerusalem area are red in Jerusalem’s old city.

    Many of the red lamps are on Jerusalem streets, but a few are not.

    The Jerusalem district lighting has been changed to green in recent times from red in the past.

    3/10 Yellow lights on an Jerusalem street Yellow lights are visible in Jerusalem.

    The lights are red, white and green.

    The yellow lights are located at street corners, along with yellow lights located at intersections.

    4/10 Green lights on part of Jerusalem’s Mount Zion The lights have become green, but not everywhere.

    There are many street corners with green lights on parts of the Old City.

    5/10 Blue lights on some parts of Jerusalem City lights The Jerusalem lights are blue, yellow and green in Jerusalem City.

    There is a yellow light at the top of Mount Zion and a red light on the Mount of Olives.

    6/10 Pink lights on Mount Zion’s west wall Blue lights are on the eastern side of Mount Jacob where Mount Zion is located in Jerusalem, Israel.

    They are also located on the western side of the city’s main landmark, Mount Herzl, which is the highest point on the mountain.

    7/10 Lights on Mount Herzliya in Jerusalem One of the oldest Jewish monuments in the world, Mount Zion in Jerusalem is the tallest and most prominent of Jerusalem city.

    It is located on Mount Jacob in the Old West Bank and its western half is in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

    8/10 City lights on Herzliyan The Jerusalem city lights are a mixture of yellow, blue and green that are located on parts (e.g., the western part of Mount Herzluyas West Wall) of the hilltop.

    They have been changing hands and sold off in recent decades.

    9/10 High street lights in Jerusalem The lights at the intersection of King David Street and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem are white.

    The area is home to a large number of Jewish businesses, restaurants, shops and cultural centres.

    10/10 Jerusalem lights The red, blue, green lights that light up parts of downtown Jerusalem are a mix of red, green and white.

    They include the Jerusalem lights on Al Aqsa, the Western Wall and other parts of Old City, as well as on the Temple mount.

    1/20 The Jerusalem Street lights The streets are red and green, with some yellow lights on them.

    The red lights are at the foot of Mount Jordan in the heart of Jerusalem.

    2 /20 The lights above Mount Zion on Mount David The lights that shine on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in the background.

    3 /20 Mount Zion lights on King David street Yellow and green lights are seen on the northern side of Jerusalem as the red and blue lights in red on the other side of King david.

    4 /20 Jerusalem lights Green lights are also seen on parts, such as on Mount Olives, of the old city in Jerusalem as well.

    5 /20 Blue lights at King David’s Street Green lights can be seen on King david’s street, Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare.

    6 /20 Temple Mount lights Blue lights can also be seen at the Temple of the Talmud on the top floor of the Dome.

    7 /20 Green lights in Mount Zion Blue lights shine on Mount olives on the Old Temple Mount, a major landmark of the ancient Jewish temple complex in Jerusalem city, as seen from the top.

    8 /20 City lights in Old City Jerusalem lights can appear in the shape of the letters A, C, T, U, Y, O, K, P, X, Z, X-1, Y-1 and Z-1.

    These are usually green.

    9 /20 High street light in Old Jerusalem lights in parts of West Jerusalem are yellow, green, blue or white.

    Most are red lights at intersections, such the red, yellow, yellow lights at Al Ajrab Street and Mount Zion.

    10 /20 Lights on Jerusalem City Lights A red light is visible at the entrance to the Old Town of Jerusalem on the West Bank.

    This is the city lights.

    1 /20 New lights on Israel’s Mount Herzly The Jerusalem District lights are green.

    This was the first time that the Jerusalem District Lights were red.

    The district lights were red for the first few years of the new street lighting in the old Old City after the establishment of the first Jerusalem District Light in the new Old City in the early 1970s.

    The new lights were green in 1978.

    2:30 Jerusalem lights A red and white light appears on the walls of Jerusalem and


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