Wired – A New Trend In The Neon Lighting Game is in the Making.

    A few years ago, when the lights in your home were on all the time, it was easy to ignore them.

    But with the advent of LED lighting, there are so many things to look forward to when you turn off the lights that it might be tempting to take the opportunity to put a neon sign in the center of your living space.

    “If you have the space, it’s really cool,” says Jennifer Pugh, owner of Pugh and Associates in New York City.

    “I think the people who do have a lot of space might not necessarily have the room to do that.”

    The neon signs can make an impression, as long as you’re not lighting them up with too much light or too much color.

    “You can see what color they are,” Pugh says.

    “It’s not necessarily going to be neon, but it’s definitely going to have that neon effect.”

    A neon sign on the wall can also help you get your mind off things.

    “There are so much ways to use neon, from just lighting it up and lighting up some lights on the ceiling to actually using the lights to create a sense of movement,” Paugh says.

    Pugh suggests turning off your lights on a regular basis and adding more light around the house.

    “A lot of the time you’ll have a little bit of neon in the house,” Pough says.

    You can also use neon signs to show off your decor and decorating skills.

    Pawnee-based artist Paul D. Linn and his son have created a video to help you light up your home with neon.

    A video titled Neon Signs for a Better Home is available on YouTube.


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