On this Saturday evening in Dublin, we have a special treat: the Northern lights.

    Dublin is home to more than a million people and this is the first time that they have made it to the city.

    In a matter of hours, it will be impossible to miss.

    As the night falls, there will be no shortage of lights to spot, from a light shining in a corner of the city to the red light in the middle of a bustling traffic zone.

    Dubliners, as well as tourists, will be able to witness these incredible sights from the comfort of their own homes.

    Dublin has had some of the best views in Europe since the 18th century, and there are many reasons why this is.

    The city is located on the northern coast of Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Land border is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in the world.

    The northern lights were first discovered by British astronomer Sir Edwin Hubble in 1879.

    He was inspired by the star Spica that is so close to the sun that it can be seen in our night sky.

    This star is so distant that it is only visible in the night sky from Earth, but it is bright enough to see in the sky in the morning, when it is already dark.

    It is only about 10 times brighter than the full moon, and it is visible from a distance of about 300 kilometres.

    The Northern Lights are a spectacular phenomenon because of their high brightness.

    They can be visible for about a fortnight from their position in the constellation Sagittarius, and are the brightest objects visible to the naked eye.

    The light is so bright that it has been observed by telescopes as far away as China and South America.

    The lights were discovered by Sir Edwin Herschel, the astronomer who first discovered the Andromeda Galaxy.

    The Milky Way is a massive, highly elliptical galaxy, which stretches over half the Milky Way Galaxy.

    This is the closest galaxy to Earth.

    The Southern Lights are an incredibly faint, faint and fleeting light in our sky.

    They can be glimpsed from hundreds of kilometres away.

    They are the result of a collision between a star and a black hole.

    They occur when two objects collide in space, and can be bright enough for even the most sophisticated telescopes to pick up their light.

    The Southern lights are so faint that they can be observed from a few kilometres away, but are extremely bright enough that they are visible for hours and hours.

    There are around 40 southern lights each year in the Northern Hemisphere.

    The phenomenon has been documented by the British astronomer William Herschel.

    He first observed the Southern Lights in 1799.

    Sir Edwin Hubble first discovered them in 1779.

    In his book, The Northern Lights, Sir Edwin wrote that: ‘The Southern stars were very faint, yet were so bright as to be seen for miles.

    They were the most conspicuous of all the heavenly bodies.

    They radiated from the great stars in the centre of the Milky-Way Galaxy, which lay in the midst of a cloud of dust and gas.

    They were so well known and so well studied that they were frequently observed in the heavens during the night and even at the dawn of the day, as it is customary to see the northern stars at this time.’


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