Posted February 08, 2019 06:03:22Los Angeles’ light rail system has become a flashpoint for transportation debates over safety, economics and accessibility.

    Google and other transit providers, which have pledged to save millions of dollars over the next decade by shutting down the L.A. Light Rail, have called the light rail the “last frontier” in transportation planning.

    But some advocates for light rail say the rail has been over-reliant on cars, has not created a more equitable transit system and is not a viable alternative to a bus system. 

    Los Angeles Light Rail will shut down after a month, the transit agency announced Friday.

    The transit agency said it was shutting down light-rail service to all stops on the city’s three major transit corridors in downtown L.I. and the Eastside, along the Central Coast and in the city center.

    The city of L.D.C. said Friday it will also shut down some bus services, including Metro-North, Purple Line and Caltrain. 

    Transportation advocates are disappointed that the agency announced the closure of light rail services, saying it will have a huge impact on the area.

    The L.L.A.-based Transportation Equity Trust has estimated that shutting down transit service would result in lost revenue of more than $400 million. 

    “The fact that they are shutting down this system at this time, I think, is really a reflection of how much of an economic and political crisis this system is,” said Rob Wintz, executive director of the LACTS.

    “There’s just no way that they’re going to be able to do this without people saying this is a massive loss for us.” 

    The agency is in charge of operating the LST, which is a light rail network that links major cities in Los Angles, San Diego and Long Beach.

    The agency said the LRT is one of the nation’s fastest, most reliable and cost-effective transit systems. 

    The L.T.R. is a network of light- and heavy-rail lines that run from Los Angeles to San Francisco and then east to Orange County.

    The lines are used by many public transportation systems in Los Aztecas, including the Metro-Orange bus system, which runs between the cities. 

    On Friday, the agency said that the LASR would continue to operate as planned. 

    This article has been updated to include a statement from the Los Angeles Transportation Equity Partnership.


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