Posted June 07, 2018 05:22:40 As of June 08, 2018, the new LG Smart Light Switch is here, and you’ll be able to toggle between two modes that will keep your light on and off depending on the mood you’re in.

    With the new feature, users can adjust the brightness of the lights, and also change the mode of their lightbulbs.

    In the middle of the night, for example, you can switch to a dim mode to help your sleep.

    The mode for daytime usage is also now adjustable, and the switch can also be used for dimming the TV, if you don’t want the bright light.

    With its dual-mode setting, the LG Smart Switch will automatically dim the light if you set the dimming mode to “on.”

    If you do this, you’ll have to adjust the setting manually.

    This will be different than the feature you can toggle in the LG app, which is currently only available to Android users.

    To change the dim setting on the LG Switch, you simply tap the LED bar on the side of the switch and choose the dim mode you want.

    There’s also a “switch on” option that lets you switch between two dimming modes for a quick and easy change of mood.

    In terms of the overall lighting quality, this switch has been tweaked to provide a brighter, more natural look to your bedroom.

    To see the new dimming options in action, check out our hands-on with the LGSmartLightSwitch.

    The LG SmartSwitch is available now for $39.99 at Best Buy and Amazon, and it’s expected to go on sale on June 17.


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