Posted February 14, 2018 04:16:13 It’s the time of year where all the kids come out and all the families start making plans and all those little kids get to hang out in the parks and do their little things, but for a couple weeks at least, it feels like it’s Christmas Eve in Houston.

    “It’s the start of a lot of fun family events,” said Kathy McNeil, a local resident who has been keeping tabs on her family’s Christmas lights display.

    This year, her husband, Todd, is looking forward to their first Christmas together, she said.

    McNeil and her husband are a member of the Austin Family Light Show, which has been around since 2011.

    They bring out about 10,000 lights and about 40 children each year.

    The family will be lighting the lights this year, as well as several other local groups and organizations, for a family holiday, according to a press release.

    “I’m so excited to have them come and hang out with us,” said McNeil.

    The family has also hosted events for other local organizations and organizations.

    It was originally going to be a group holiday, but McNeil said they have expanded to include other groups.

    “It has been fun for us, and it has been a great opportunity for us to get to know some of the families,” said Todd McNeil of the Family Light Shows.

    A new family in Houston has taken over the old Texas Roadhouse, which was closed to the public for several years.

    They have turned it into a fun night out, with food, drinks, entertainment, and family.

    The lights are a big part of the festivities, said Todd.

    “We want to give the family a sense of community and fun,” he said.


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