The President is expected to sign an executive order Friday that will expand the scope of the U.S. EPA’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

    The president has called for the creation of a national greenhouse gas task force and said he plans to sign the executive order at the White House.

    The order would provide for a review of federal laws and regulations and allow the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and factories.

    The White House released a summary of the order Friday morning.

    “The President is also expected to declare a national emergency, in which case EPA will be required to enact policies to implement emergency measures, including temporary emergency restrictions,” the White, House and Office of Management and Budget said in the summary.

    “It is essential that the President maintain control over the federal government to ensure that EPA can implement the law and enforce the laws and policies in place.”

    The White, Senate and Office Of Management and Science said the executive action would be subject to judicial review.

    “While the order may provide for an expedited review of regulations and policies, the executive orders are subject to a strict review process under the Constitution and the Administrative Procedure Act,” the Senate summary said.

    The Senate summary continued: “The president’s action will create a climate task force to review federal regulations and laws and implement new regulations in areas including the energy sector, air pollution, and carbon dioxide pollution.

    The EPA will issue the order at 4 p.m. “

    Finally, the order would require the EPA Administrator to develop a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) that provides for the promulgation of federal regulations that protect the environment, including national environmental policy and policies that are designed to protect the public health and welfare.”

    The EPA will issue the order at 4 p.m.

    ET Friday, and it is expected the EPA will hold a briefing on Friday afternoon.

    President Trump’s executive order has caused a backlash, with the Environmental Protection Agency’s acting administrator, Scott Pruitt, issuing a statement Friday evening saying he would not sign the order.

    “Today’s executive action is not about protecting the environment.

    It is about expanding the EPA’s authority to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful greenhouse gases,” Pruitt said in a statement.

    “We will continue to enforce existing federal laws to ensure our air, land, and water are not harmed by this unprecedented executive order.”

    A White House official said that Pruitt will not sign an order that expands the EPA.

    “I have asked him to stop the executive overreach,” the official said.

    “He needs to understand that the EPA is the leader in fighting climate change and that EPA is going to enforce the law.”

    The Environmental Protection Department has been at the forefront of EPA efforts to combat climate change, which has led to record-breaking temperatures, record-high temperatures and extreme rainfall.

    In March, Pruitt ordered the EPA, under the Obama administration, to issue a final rule to curb greenhouse gas emission from coal-fired power plants by 2030.

    Pruitt also proposed a rule to phase out methane pollution from coal plants by 2025.

    The EPA also announced plans to halt the leasing of federal land to oil and gas companies.

    Pruitt said that the move to phase back drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was “not about protecting our environment,” adding that “it’s about getting rid of the environmental regulations that are not helping us do that.”

    The Obama administration had sought to halt federal land leasing to oil companies and coal companies by 2020.

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt told reporters Friday that the rule could impact the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees the land.

    “That will have a negative impact on the Bureau,” Pruitt told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

    “There will be a reduction in its funding.

    We are going to need to have an orderly transfer of that to the states.”

    The Interior Department’s Bureau of Indian Affairs has also been trying to halt lease sales to oil, gas and coal interests.

    Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Friday that his department will issue a draft rule to address leasing issues.

    “These lease sales will be paused and we will take a hard look at them,” Zinke told reporters.

    “And I will also be asking my secretaries to look at it in more detail, and then make a decision.”

    Pruitt has also ordered that the Interior Department will be “reluctant” to grant permits to drilling in National Forests and other areas designated as protected under the Antiquities Act, according to Zinke.

    Zinke also said the department will be taking a “wait and see” approach to leasing the vast majority of federal lands under lease.

    “All federal land is subject to the protections of the Antiquity Act, which is the act that was passed in 1906,” Zinkel said.

    Pruitt has said the Antiquaries Act has not been used to regulate oil and natural gas extraction on federal lands.

    In a statement released Friday, Zinke and Zinke’s chief of staff, Matt Strawn, said that “The Antiquities act is not meant


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