When it comes to lighting, most people will tell you that the way to go is to install a fixture in the bedroom.

    But what about in the living room?

    A study from the Lighting Research Group of the American Institute of Lighting found that the average light fixture installed in a typical home is about 30% less effective than a standard fixture installed outside.

    The study also found that a small number of homes have installed lights that were far more efficient than the standard fixtures, such as dimmable bulbs, which use LED technology and do not require electricity to operate.

    To help homeowners better understand the lighting technology used in their homes, the LightingResearch Group conducted a survey with more than 100,000 households to gather information on the technology, the factors that impact its efficiency, and the impact it has on indoor lighting.

    The survey found that there are a few important points to remember when buying lights: Lighting is an electrical process, so if you have a light switch or other lighting equipment that uses electricity, it should be considered an electrical component.

    The lighting technology is not designed for indoor lighting, so it is best to buy a fixture that is suitable for outdoor use.

    The research showed that indoor lighting costs the most and the most energy is needed to operate the light, so choose fixtures that can handle both indoor and outdoor use with minimal energy costs.

    In addition, many light fixtures are more expensive to install and maintain than outdoor fixtures, so the best choice for a home is the one that is most energy efficient.

    If you have an existing fixture that you are considering, try to determine if it has been tested for indoor or outdoor use before purchasing.

    If it is a light fixture that does not meet your energy needs, you can contact your utility to find out what type of lighting it uses.


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