by Sangeeta Som, “What the world  is saying about  India and its  issues,” (New Delhi: The Hindu in English)  was a light-hearted, fun read, with an entertaining mix of expert observations and interesting notes from across the political spectrum.

    In a way, the book, which was published in April 2018, is like a guidebook for the times, an invitation to think about the big picture and ask questions about what is happening in the world, Som said.

    The author of a number of novels, Somal has been living in the capital for more than a decade, and has written several books in English, including A Tale of Two Cities, a collection of short stories and The Black Book of South Asia, which she says is one of her favorite books in the language.

    “The Indian experience is one of the few that I could actually write about with my own experience.

    It is one that I can relate to,” she said.

    “When you live in India, you have no idea what the world does.

    You have no idea of what is going on in Pakistan, in Syria or in North Korea.

    You have to think about it all the time.”

    Somal’s writing has often focused on issues such as women’s rights and caste, but she also wrote in other genres, including history and politics, religion and literature.

    A recent book called The Big Picture of India, written with writer-director Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, describes how India has become a nation of stories.

    The book, co-written by Samyaswamy Bhattacharya and Sangeetha Som, explores India’s story from the viewpoint of two different nations.

    One of the books, The Story of India , is a personal account of Som’s upbringing and travels as a Hindu girl in Gujarat, which she says was an interesting time in the history of India.

    The other, The Story of China, is a historical and geographical study of China.

    “I would say that the books are both very personal and very intellectual.

    They are both in the same category as my own books.

    The two are very similar,” Som said, adding that the authors were both in a different caste and have lived in different parts of India over the last decade.

    Somal is also a favourite of many of her fellow writers, including Salman Rushdie and Mahatma Gandhi.

    She is currently writing a book about The Great War (2013) which has yet to be written.

    “I would have liked to write the book before I left India,” she joked. 

    “There is a huge difference between my work and the work of others.

    I am not writing about a particular event or a particular country.

    My work is about a person’s life and a person or a region and their experience and their relationship to the world,” she added. 

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