When the lights came on the C7 Christmas lights were out for the year, but they have been back on again for the past month, according to a spokesperson for the Australian Capital Territory Police (ACTP).

    “ACTP has been working hard to get these lights back on and will continue to do so until Christmas Eve,” said Assistant Commissioner Paul Hutton, speaking to the ABC on Monday.

    “It’s our priority to make sure that the public have as many Christmas lights as possible.”

    The C7 Christmas lights were taken off the NSW Highway 11 between Port Arthur and Mount Gambier in February after the C10 Christmas lights had been returned in March.

    The NSW Highway Patrol had previously ordered the C11 lights to stay on for another two months, but the ACTP had taken over the job.

    ACTP Chief Constable Andrew McInnes has said the C8 lights are being returned to the ACT as well, but he would not reveal their exact location.

    He said the lights will remain at the C14 for the next couple of weeks.

    “We are making sure the C6 and C8 are back up there until Christmas Day,” he said.

    “As soon as the light goes off it goes off the light in front of the C1 and C2.”

    If you are standing there looking up at the sky, you can see a blue star.

    “The next time we see it we’ll go and check it out and we’ll put the C5 on the road.”

    In a statement, the ACTCP said they would not be making any further comment on the matter.

    More to come.


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