Light therapy, a treatment for cancer, is getting a lot of attention these days.

    According to CNN, patients who take light therapy have darker skin, have more redness, and have more pigmentation than those who do not.

    However, light therapy isn’t the only treatment that has a dark side.

    Many of these people are also reporting that the therapy causes dark spots, which are darker than normal, and the light treatments, which they feel do not have the same effect. 

    Light therapy is not for everyone, but many people have had positive experiences with it, including the patient who was given a treatment that was dark in color.

    Light therapy has been used to treat many types of cancers, including those of the eye, mouth, and skin.

    However — and this is an important distinction — light therapy is NOT a cure.

    A new study from the University of California at San Diego shows that light therapy can actually have negative effects on the body, as well.

    In the study, researchers asked women who had undergone light therapy to take a vitamin supplement for 30 days.

    Those who took the vitamin supplements had a reduction in the amount of red blood cells in their bodies, and a decrease in the percentage of red cells in the brain.

    The researchers found that women who took vitamin supplements were more likely to have dark spots in their skin, and were more prone to developing cancer.

    Researchers have also found that light treatments do not prevent the formation of dark spots.

    Some people have even been prescribed light therapy in order to treat conditions such as psoriasis and cataracts.

    According the National Institutes of Health, psorias are common skin conditions that can affect the eyes, eyelids, and face.

    However when light therapy does not result in the desired result, people with psoriatics are not getting the treatment they need.

    The research team behind the study said they believe that light treatment is not a cure and the only way to avoid dark spots is to take vitamins and to take medications that have antioxidant properties. 

    But it’s not all negative news about light therapy.

    The study also found positive results.

    The participants who took light therapy had fewer skin tags and fewer melanomas, which can lead to the formation, spread, and death of skin cancer. 

    Researchers also found the light therapy treatments were safe and effective for reducing dark spots on people with cystic fibrosis and other conditions.

    Researchers also discovered that light therapies did not cause changes in the structure of the body or the skin of people who had skin cancer and melanoma. 

    What are the pros and cons of light treatments?

    Light therapy is very effective, but people who do have melanoma, psoriatic arthritis, and other skin conditions are advised to avoid light therapy because of the potential side effects.

    However the researchers note that some patients who have melanomas have been shown to be less likely to develop these conditions and have even managed to live longer than people who did not have these conditions.


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