By Michael A. SchoenkerBloomberg / Bloomberg via Getty ImagesThe sun is shining brightly on the Earth.

    But as the planet’s climate continues to change, the planet is facing an even bigger challenge.

    Scientists at the United Nations are calling for the world to transition to sustainable solar energy as soon as possible.

    The Paris Agreement, the world’s largest climate accord, requires countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.

    In order to reach that goal, the Paris Agreement calls for a shift to a cleaner, renewable energy source.

    The U.N. climate agency’s Climate Change Adaptation Mechanism (CCAM) calls for nations to cut their emissions by 10 percent by 2050.

    In 2020, the CCCAM will report on how countries are achieving this goal.

    The CCCAMP aims to create a system that will help countries adapt to the effects of climate change.

    By 2030, it is expected that 80 percent of emissions will come from renewable sources.

    The goal of the CAMP is to make solar and other energy sources, such as wind and solar power, as cheap as possible and as reliable as possible, and make them available to as many people as possible in as few places as possible so that the transition can be made as quickly as possible from fossil fuels to renewables.

    The transition to a sustainable energy system is also expected to make it easier to cut greenhouse gas pollution from cars, which emit a huge amount of greenhouse gases.

    A solar array, which will be installed on the roof of a house, will help to generate electricity.

    It will be solar string lights that provide lighting on a rooftop.

    This new kind of lighting will allow households and businesses to better see the sky without having to buy expensive solar panels.

    In some parts of the world, there are already signs that solar is the answer to the rising problem of pollution.

    In China, for example, the government has started installing solar array arrays on roofs.

    In India, the country with the world most solar power capacity, solar power is being installed in the roofs of homes and businesses.

    In China, solar energy is being deployed in cities.

    In Brazil, solar is being used to power the nation’s electric grid.

    In Indonesia, solar panels are being installed on homes and schools in order to provide clean electricity to the country’s population.

    Solar power has been installed in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure around the world.

    The switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy is already being seen in places around the globe.

    In Indonesia, for instance, the number of solar energy installations has increased by more than 50 percent in the past decade.

    In 2015, China announced that it will start installing 100 gigawatts of solar power on the rooftops of 1,200 homes and 1,000 businesses in the country.

    The move was driven by the country being able to meet its ambitious goals of reducing greenhouse gas emission by 50 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2035.

    In 2016, the U.S. had the second-largest solar capacity, behind only China.

    The International Energy Agency estimates that by 2050, solar will provide almost 30 percent of the countrys energy needs.

    And this will be the case regardless of whether the U., U.K., Germany or Japan adopt the CCEA’s ambitious goal of reducing emissions to 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2050 and 80 per cent by 2050 with the use of renewables.

    In a 2015 report, the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) estimated that by 2040, solar alone will provide more than 25 percent of all electricity generated worldwide.

    The NREL also noted that solar has a significant potential to provide over 100 gigawatt-hours of electricity by 2060, making it the third-largest source of electricity in the world after hydroelectricity and nuclear energy.

    In the coming years, the NREL expects the number to continue to grow.

    By the end of the century, solar could supply more than 70 percent of total electricity generated in the U of A.

    In Brazil, the Brazilian government is aiming to increase the number that can afford to buy solar panels from the millions of people in the urban areas, where demand for electricity has risen.

    The government will start charging customers for their use of solar panels in the first half of 2021.

    By 2030, Brazil expects to have 100 gigwatt-hour of solar capacity installed on its rooftops.

    The country’s government is also investing $1 billion to increase its solar capacity.

    The program aims to increase solar capacity by 15,000 megawatts over the next decade.

    In 2022, the Brazil Solar Energy Association (BSAAS) will announce a national investment strategy that aims to double the amount of solar installations by 2022.

    By 2040 and 2045, Brazil plans to add a total of 4,500 megawatts of new solar capacity on its roofs, the BSAAS said.

    In 2025, the state of Rio de Janeiro will also


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