A plant light could be used in South Australia’s drought-hit south to help reduce the number of trees and grasses on the land, a project by the state government has been announced.

    The state government said it would provide $1 million for a pilot project in the South West, where there are many isolated pockets of drought.

    “We want to see this technology used in the community and in the communities that are struggling to get through this drought,” South Australian Agriculture Minister Paul Koutsantonis said.

    “It’s a new technology and we need to get it into use as fast as we can.”

    The pilot project will be used to determine the best use for a lightbulb that would be used at different times of the day and night to monitor and control the grasses, trees and plants that would grow in drought-affected areas.

    It will also help in identifying and monitoring water use in drought affected areas.

    The plant light is used to make it easier for the grass and other plants to grow in the area.

    The pilot program will start in the spring and work its way through to the end of 2020.

    It is not yet clear when the first project will start.

    A plant-light system is shown in the background in the farmlands of the South Australian town of Millington.

    The South Australian government announced it would invest $1.8 million into the pilot project.

    Mr Koutsampantonis has said the project could help reduce water use by around 10 per cent, or more than a million litres a year.

    He said the pilot could be extended to include the entire state.

    The State Government said the plant light will be “the world’s largest”.

    The state’s first plant light project will take place in Millingtons farmlands on Monday, February 17.


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