Marfa Texas, a town of only about 2,000 people in southeastern Texas, has a bright sun.

    The light is from a solar panel, installed in a park near the town’s school, said Dan Kallenbauer, the town supervisor.

    The lights are meant to make the town look like a sun-splashed garden, Kallens father, Dan Kalla, said.

    The idea is to brighten up the town with solar energy, which can power a lot of things, he said.

    The town is in the midst of an ambitious solar project, which will provide solar panels for the community to provide electricity to homes and businesses.

    The project is part of a $1.2 billion project to create a 1,200-acre solar park and solar farm that will provide jobs and help pay for local projects, Kalla said.

    Kalla said he has heard from the town that the solar panels can help them pay for the power.

    The community also wants to build a second solar farm, so they can get the sun to light the town in the evenings.

    Kallenbeers father said he is confident the town will be able to use the solar energy to generate electricity.KALLENBERGER: Marfa’s solar energy program will generate about $1 million for the town of about 2.5,000.KLAUTENBERGER: We are very excited to see the sun shining in our community.

    The solar panels provide energy for local businesses and community services, KLAUTERNBERGER said.

    A solar panel can also be used to provide heat and power lighting.

    The project, part of the $1 billion plan to make a solar park, solar farm and other community facilities, has been under construction for a decade, said Kalla.

    The solar farm is expected to be completed by 2020.

    Kallas said he hopes the solar power will be used for a number of purposes.

    It can be used as a generator for the local water plant, which uses water from the nearby river to irrigate fields, and as a fuel for a community energy project, he added.

    Klamann’s daughter, Stephanie Kalla Kalla , said the solar panel project is a good example of community cooperation.

    She said she was excited to have solar panels in her yard, and is happy to see it be a part of Marfa.


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