The lights are back on at the lights.

    The holidays are over.

    The lights have gone off.

    But not the power that powers them.

    The solar garden lights have returned.

    The new solar lighting system, designed to mimic the energy from the sun and the moon, will be installed at The Irish Lights at the Royal Dublin Institute of Technology, in the city centre.

    The lights are not just a light on your wall, but are part of the centrepiece of the annual Christmas lighting programme.

    The solar light system is a unique way of bringing a bit of green to a room where traditional white lights are more often seen.

    The lighting is set up like a solar garden, which means the lights are powered by the sun.

    The system has been designed to replicate the energy of the sun, which is why it looks like a blue-green carpet.

    “We wanted to create a way to make the room look like a green, organic space,” said Professor James O’Donnell, head of lighting and design at the institute.

    “The way we’re going to achieve this is by using the sun’s energy, not from the streetlights.”

    The solar lights are being installed by local firm Light Blue Wallpaper.

    “Our main aim is to have a unique lighting system that is very efficient and that has the flexibility to be adapted to any room,” said founder, Noel O’Connell.

    “It can be used in the garden, it can be put in a house or a house can put it in the street.”

    In the meantime, you can watch some of the solar lights in action here:


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