It’s a special kind of day.

    It’s a rare time for people in Northern California to watch an eclipse.

    The sun is just above the horizon, and the sky is still dark, but the sun’s light is still shining across the sky, illuminating the ground and trees.

    It is a rare opportunity to watch, because it is a completely new event.

    It is not an eclipse of the sun, but an eclipse with no eclipse, and no light pollution at all.

    The first eclipse ever witnessed by human eyes was in 1792, when the sun eclipsed the moon.

    It happened to mark the end of the French Revolution.

    It was one of the last great spectacles in human history, a moment when humans stood on the moon, looked into the heavens and saw a giant white light that was invisible to the naked eye, but had the power to affect the heavens.

    In the next century, scientists were able to observe and photograph the sun and moon during their first direct look at the sun.

    This was a time when people could take pictures of the stars and sun and make them available to the public.

    It also allowed people to look up into the sky and see the sun with their own eyes, as the sun rose and set.

    It was the last time the sun would be directly above the earth, but it was a good sign for the future.

    It meant that we had been observing the sun for thousands of years, and that we were observing the sky in its totality.

    In a way, the sun is an important part of our lives, says Bill Riddle, an astronomer at the University of Southern California.

    He says that it is important to look at a single sun, not to look through a telescope or through a video camera.

    But the sun can also be important for other things.

    For example, the solar system is made up of the planets, moons and asteroids that are so far away that we can’t see them, and those are the ones that are closest to us, so it makes sense that they should be our home.

    So it’s important to get that right.

    We’re seeing them at a rate that is almost five times faster than they were before, Riddle says.

    So we’re not just seeing them, but we’re also seeing their properties and how they interact with the Earth.

    This is an eclipse, so there is no shadow cast by the sun; the sun itself is in the sky.

    But it is also a partial eclipse, meaning that the moon will be partially eclipsed.

    The moon is shining through the shadow cast, making it appear like it’s not actually there.

    So you can see the moon as it moves through the atmosphere.

    This is called an annular eclipse.

    An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s shadow is partially eclipsing the sun at its brightest point, which is called its perigee.

    When the sun reaches its perihelion, it’s about one and a half minutes before it becomes fully eclipsed, when it reaches a distance of about 1,000 miles (1,500 kilometers).

    The moon’s perigees are also called aphelions.

    During an annulment, the moon turns its entire orbit around the sun so that the sun appears to be slightly further away from the Earth than it really is.

    This means that the light of the earth’s sun is reflecting off the moon and not onto us.

    This event happens when the Earth’s shadow and the sun both fall at the same time, as in an annulus.

    During an annulsion, the Earth will appear as a bright point in the suns shadow.

    This eclipse is one of a number of events that happen each year to mark this time of year, the Northern Lights.

    This includes the moon turning a bright white and the moon appearing to pass through the sky for several minutes, as well as the appearance of a blue glow that covers the sky during the first part of the night.

    This occurs about every 90 minutes.

    It all depends on what time of day you see the eclipse.

    It’s best to look to see what the eclipse looks like in the morning, and then to be sure you’re still looking at the moon at night.

    It will be dark and foggy in Northern CA.

    The best time to see the Northern lights is in May.

    If you are planning to go out to watch it, you should plan to get a good night’s sleep, and be sure to stay out of the streetlights.

    If you don’t know how to stay in your house, make sure you have a flashlight handy.


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