Stop lights are not a problem in most apartments in Singapore, especially if you use the light fixtures at the entrance.

    However, you may be concerned about how long they last.

    We asked one of our Singapore residents if she had experienced this problem.

    She said she was having trouble turning off the lights at the apartment she shared with her husband.

    So she went on a quest for the solution.

    This is how she did it:She had to install a special switch on the wall near the lights that she can’t remove because she is afraid of breaking it.

    When the light switches were turned off, she could just pull out the battery pack.

    However, it wasn’t enough to turn off the entire apartment light fixtures.

    So, she installed a new set of lights at each entry door, as well as in the bedroom and bathroom, and turned off the door to the apartment.

    Now, it was time to test the new lights.

    She put them in a light fixture and turned on the lights.

    When they started to dim, she pulled out the batteries.

    But after a few minutes, she noticed the lights started flickering and started seeing the lights start to blink again.

    She also noticed the lighting started to be dim and flickering even when the lights were off.

    She asked if she could try to turn the lights back on and she was given an option.

    She went back to the light fixture to turn it off, and then tried again, and again.

    And again, the lights would start flickering again.

    Finally, she put them back on again and it didn’t work.

    So after a month, she told us that she would like to switch off all lights in her apartment in case she has another light switch problem.

    The Singapore Home Improvement Association (SHIA) said the problem has been reported to the police.

    We have contacted the Singapore Home Development Authority (SHAD), and the Singapore Police.


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