New Scientist article A bus light is a small light fixture that can be attached to any of a range of lighting fixtures, including the street lights.

    You might be surprised at how many of the lighting fixtures you’ve seen in a supermarket, gym or office are designed to light up the entire room, whether that’s a coffee bar, an office, a dining room or a cinema.

    But these lights can also be set up in a home, for example, or in an open-plan space where the lighting source will be visible from a wide range of angles.

    We looked at a range to find out how many light sources are commonly used in our homes and businesses.

    And we looked at the best light sources available, including those designed specifically for home lighting.

    This article will explain how to use your bus light in your home, office or workplace.

    Light source You can choose from a range from standard incandescent to fluorescent lamps and fluorescent bulbs.

    We also looked at some of the most common types of LED bulbs, which have been around for decades.

    But you can use any LED light source, whether it’s an incandescence bulb, a fluorescent bulb or a white LED lightbulb.

    Here are some key things to know about how light sources work: When a light source is switched on or off, it sets off a signal.

    The signal is sent from one of the LED lights in your lighting system to the bus light, which then lights up the room.

    This light is what is seen by your light-sensitive equipment.

    It also gives off a certain amount of heat.


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