In the past few years, a rash of home-based bath soap recalls has occurred.

    This includes many soap brands made with synthetic ingredients that are toxic to humans and wildlife.

    In the case of some, the toxic chemicals have been linked to cancers and other health problems.

    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said last week that the number of recalled products has spiked.

    It’s a worrisome trend and the CFIA is warning consumers about what to look for in their bath soap.

    “If you are buying a product that is made with a toxic chemical and you are aware of that fact and you take steps to protect your skin, you can be sure that you are not at risk of a product-related health problem,” said the CFI’s spokeswoman, Emily Kelleher.

    “We have had reports of individuals in our region that have developed skin and respiratory illnesses and illnesses in their pets.

    We have also had reports that people have been hospitalized.”

    Some brands of bath soap are known to be toxic to animals and people, so if you’re thinking about buying a bath soap, check the label carefully to make sure it’s made with the proper ingredients.

    Be sure to wash it off when it’s no longer needed.

    The company that makes your bath soap says it will provide a free replacement if it gets damaged.

    If you want to be safe and keep your bath towel clean, wash it in cold water before using it.

    It can be hard to keep a towel clean for long periods of time, so take a good, long shower to get it dry.


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