Dogs are everywhere these days.

    And that includes our pets.

    And some of the most adorable ones are the ones who are also our most difficult to train.

    That’s why it’s important to remember these tips for the best pet dog training you can.

    “The dog is a beautiful animal, and they are not going to be happy unless they have a human,” says Barbara Jankowski, an associate professor at the University of Southern California.

    “You have to be very specific in your training.

    You have to take the time to be able to work with the dog and then teach the dog the proper behaviors.”

    If you’re interested in training your pet, you can do it on your own.

    “It’s a good idea to have a training guide for the dog to get the most out of it,” Jankowsky says.

    “In the beginning, just be honest and direct with the trainer.”

    You’ll also want to get a dog owner’s manual, Jankowski says, because the pet’s needs are often the same as ours.

    And when you do choose to do the training, remember to include some of these tips to get things right.


    Be realistic and realistic about your goals.

    The goal of training your dog is to teach him to be more of a dog.

    But, it’s also important to think of it as a lifelong endeavor.

    Jankowksi says that’s important, because it’s one of the reasons why it takes a while to get over some of our dog behaviors.


    If your dog shows signs of anxiety, don’t be afraid to show him a treat.

    If he’s anxious about something, say, a new toy or a treat, don�t give him it.

    “That is not a sign of anxiety,” she says.

    Rather, it means that the dog is just trying to get used to it.

    When you show your dog treats, don��t expect them to immediately go away.

    That�s when the dog will get anxious.

    And you can avoid that by making sure the treats are small enough that he can reach them.

    Jinkowski says that the easiest way to do that is to hold a treat in one hand and a treat or a toy in the other.

    “But it is important to make sure your dog understands that if he tries to grab the toy and the treat, you�re not going be able do it, and he�ll get a big shock,” she adds.

    “If you do that, the dog won�t be able get used and won� t be anxious.


    Be open to learning new things.

    If you do it right, it�s easy to get your dog to be interested in a new activity.

    If the dog already knows what you want him to do, “you can try a new way of doing something,” she advises. “

    This is a great time to introduce your dog new things, so that you can teach him that the treats or toys that he is used to can be something else,” Jinkowski advises.

    If the dog already knows what you want him to do, “you can try a new way of doing something,” she advises.

    “Then you can make sure that the new activity is appropriate for the puppy.”


    Be patient with your puppy.

    If, at some point, you notice that your puppy is showing a little anxiety, it may be time to take a break.

    “There is no such thing as a perfect dog, but there is a lot of patience and patience can pay off,” Jickowski explains.

    If a puppy doesn�t show any symptoms, or if he�s anxious, she suggests giving him a break from training. But that�s not always the case.

    She says it can happen because, as soon as you show him something new, your dog can be tempted to try something new or go back to something that you�ve already trained.

    “So, don,t let him go back,” Jikeowski recommends.

    “Try a different toy, and maybe if he is showing some anxiety, maybe you can give him another treat, or you can introduce something new.”


    Make sure your puppy understands you.

    “When you teach your puppy that treats or other toys can be an important part of a safe environment, you want to make it clear that the puppy understands that he will need to be cautious around other dogs, and you want your puppy to feel comfortable and secure in your home,” Janksowski says.

    But don�s ask your puppy for permission first.

    “Be clear about what you�ll do to make your puppy comfortable,” she suggests.

    “Make sure that you do what is appropriate and safe for your puppy.”


    Don�t expect your puppy’s reaction to be instant.

    Your puppy may have a different reaction than yours, but you can try to teach your dog what you need him to learn.

    “Don�t try to be quick to teach the puppy something,” Jinksowski adds.


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