Walmart Christmas lights will finally be hitting the roads for the holiday season on November 24, but for those of you who are just getting into the festive spirit, the lights are only going up for the second half of the year.

    The company’s holiday lights are now set to hit the roads this year, starting with the brand’s flagship store in Seattle.

    Walmart’s Christmas lights are a fixture of the Christmas season, as they are one of the largest retailers in the world.

    But as of this week, the brand has added a third store in San Francisco to the mix.

    The new stores will be in two locations, and the new store in Santa Clara, Calif., is expected to open early next year.

    A fourth store is also in the works in San Jose, Calif.

    The three new stores are expected to debut in late January or early February.

    The Santa Clara store will likely be the first of the three to debut at the end of this month.

    The Santa Clara location will be open during the month of January, which coincides with the Christmas holidays, and it is also expected to be the last store to debut on November 25.

    The San Francisco store will be opening late January.

    The third store is expected in mid-February.

    The four stores will debut on January 25.

    The Seattle store will also debut in January, but it will be the fourth of the four new stores to debut.

    The Seattle store is set to open in early January, while the San Francisco location is expected on the first weekend in February.

    The fourth store will open early February, but the Santa Clara will open in late February. 

    What to expect from Walmart’s new Christmas store in CaliforniaIn addition to the stores in Santa Cruz, California, and San Francisco, Walmart is also building a third Santa Cruz store in 2019.

    The chain plans to open the Santa Cruz location in late 2019.

    A new store will debut in the same area in late 2020, with the fourth store slated to open around late 2021.

    The brand has said that the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based chain will debut the third store by late 2021, but those dates are subject to change.

    The two stores in San Diego and San Jose will open later, and they will be a few months apart.

    Walmart is currently building the fourth Santa Cruz shop.

    It will be one of three new Santa Cruz stores in the California market that will debut at some point this year.

    Walmart will have a total of seven stores across the country, but this is the first time the chain has been able to launch all seven in one place.

    The store in Walnut Creek, Calif, is expected launch in 2019, and all the others are slated to start opening in 2020. 

    If you’re looking to get a good Christmas shopping experience, consider checking out the brand-new Walmart Christmas Store in Santa Barbara , Calif.

    It has a brand new interior and it features a variety of Christmas lights.


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