An article posted on the website of the Idaho Department of Health shows how to remove your black lights posters from your bathroom.

    The posters can be found in a number of locations in Idaho, including bathrooms, the kitchen sink and at the end of your shower curtain.

    The poster is made from PVC, plastic or aluminum and has a silver, gold or bronze coating that looks almost like a hologram.

    The stickers are attached to the sides of the poster.

    To remove the poster, you have to remove the stickers from the side, and then use a sharp knife to cut them off.

    To get rid, you need to wash the poster with warm water.

    After that, use a brush to remove all the adhesive, which will leave you with a black light poster.

    The Idaho Department says it recommends removing all black light posts from the bathroom and shower curtains, along with all other black light signs on the property.

    The agency has also posted a list of other ways to remove black lights, including by spraying a white powder or disinfectant on the poster or spraying it with a disinfectant-treated water.

    “There are a lot of things you can do to try and minimize the chance of this happening,” said Dr. Lisa M. Schott, medical director of the National Center for Health Statistics at the University of Utah.

    “If you have a lot going on around your home, if you’re not using the bathroom or shower, you might want to look for ways to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.”

    A black light posted in a bathroom.

    The Idaho Department said it recommends that residents in Idaho use a restroom that is not a public restroom, such as a locker room, to dispose of their black lights.

    If a person has access to a toilet, it is also important to wash their hands before removing the poster and other signs.

    “I would think it’s very important that people are careful about using these signs,” Schott said.

    An Idaho Department employee works with an employee from a cleaning company to remove a black lighting poster from a bathroom window.

    Black lights in the shower curtain are often used as a form of communication to keep people in the dark about their own behavior, according to the Idaho Division of Health.

    A water bottle is placed in a toilet bowl to help with the cleaning process.

    Hospital staff remove a poster from the window of a bathroom in Salt Lake City.

    After removing the black light, it’s then taken to the Salt Lake County Detention Center to be evaluated.

    If the poster is deemed to be too hazardous to remove, the Idaho Dental Department has the option of removing it and sending it to a recycling center, which is required under the state’s new recycling law.

    The state also has plans to install more black light barriers at hotels, restaurants and other public places in Idaho.


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