We’ve written about Seattle’s burgeoning library crisis before, but with an added twist: It’s also caused by the city’s new public library initiative, which began rolling out in March.

    The initiative aims to give local residents a digital library card with access to digital books, movies, and games for less than $100 per year, which will hopefully provide more local libraries with the money they need to expand.

    But that’s not all: In the last week, libraries have been hit with a new round of cuts, with one branch of Seattle Public Library having to lay off 15 staff members and the city shuttering a library in Tacoma.

    The library crisis isn’t the only problem in Seattle’s libraries, which are already struggling to find a new lease.

    The city has also lost two libraries and a regional library.

    A third library in the city is also on the chopping block, as the city tries to find ways to fund its library program in a time of budget cuts.

    We’ve also heard from a lot of library users who don’t have a choice about whether they want to patronize a library or not.

    We caught up with some of them to find out what libraries in Seattle have to say about the situation and what they hope to do about it.

    The Seattle Public Libraries are also working on a new digital book collection.

    The current library system is a mess The Seattle library system, known for its huge collection of books, has lost two of its libraries, the Seattle Public Museum and the Seattle Art Museum.

    Seattle Public’s library was once the largest in the state, and has been in financial trouble since the city began its new library program.

    It’s currently the third largest library system in the country, with about 6,000 members and over 1,000 books.

    It lost one of its two libraries to the new Seattle Public library program, which is a massive expansion of its library.

    In June, the library closed a branch in the Eastside neighborhood.

    But in August, the city announced that it would be taking over the library system from the University of Washington and will soon begin the construction of a new branch in downtown Seattle.

    The new branch will be the first in the district, which includes Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and Pioneer Square.

    The old branch is slated to be closed in 2020, but the library has not yet decided whether or not to close it altogether.

    In the meantime, the current library is facing a series of problems.

    The system is in dire need of new books and more books are needed to keep up with demand.

    In August, a report by the Seattle Department of Finance found that the Seattle library had about a thousand fewer books than it was expecting.

    But as the new library comes online, the number of books it will receive will also increase, which means more books to print.

    The libraries will also be facing budget cuts and some staff members will be laid off.

    There are some positives to this.

    For one, the new branch may have more books in it.

    And the library is still hiring.

    “We’ve had a lot more staff in the last couple of months than we would have if the old branch closed,” said Liz Dallenbach, the director of the Seattle Community Library, which serves more than 30,000 people.

    The branch opened in the late 1990s and has had a history of struggling to meet demand.

    Since it started operating, the organization has lost staff and library members, and now it’s in the process of losing more staff.

    Dallensbach said that although she and her staff had not been offered the position that will be available to the branch’s new employees, she was able to recruit them because of the new positions that the library will offer.

    She said that the new jobs will include “some pretty awesome positions, because we have an amazing staff and we need to hire people to fill these positions.”

    And she said that she and other employees are hoping to recruit people to work in libraries in the future.

    The other good news is that some of the libraries are doing well.

    “I would like to think that we’re at least making some progress,” Dallenhans said.

    The problem is, the libraries have had to make hard decisions about which books to keep and which to sell.

    “The people who work there have to make those decisions,” said Lisa Hirsch, the chair of the branch board.

    “So we’ve got to make sure that we can balance the books we have with the books that we need.”

    That means more staff, more books, and more money.

    Some of the books currently available are available for rent.

    Others are only for library members and will be sold out.

    The people who currently work at the Seattle branch said that some books they sell to customers aren’t even available.

    “Some of the titles that we have are no longer available,” Hirsch said.

    Hirsch also noted that she’s having a hard time finding any books that are even


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