KICHLER, Germany (Reuters) – The sun-kissed days of the late 1990s are gone.

    But the effects of a lifetime of sunburns and blemish treatments still linger, particularly in Germany’s largest city, where many residents suffer from sunburn scars, skin discoloration and other sun-damaging skin disorders.

    The problems are a direct result of the way the German government treated the sun, said Dietmar Kichler, director of the Centre for Applied Photoprotection, who leads a global network of doctors that advises on skin treatment for the country’s ageing population.

    “I think we have lost the ability to control our sun,” Kichlers research director for light skin at the German Association of Dermatologists said.

    “It’s a situation where the sun doesn’t have the ability, in this case, to penetrate to the skin, and therefore you get skin damage and then we need to have sun protection.”

    In Germany, we are in a very dangerous situation.

    “The sun’s rays are the best disinfectant for skin and in Germany they are also among the most expensive.

    Sunscreens are available to people on a sliding scale and include a broad range of colours and sunblocks to protect the face and upper body.

    A skin cancer is a rare, life-threatening disease that affects more than 50 million people in the world.

    Many cases are due to sunburn or sun damage, although the exact number is unknown.

    Sunburn and sun damage are common in Germany, where people live under an intense sun for much of the year and sunscreens can be expensive.

    But sunlight damage in general is not so severe, said Kichiers research director.

    Kichler and others say the sun’s UV radiation is the only way to protect skin from sun damage.

    It can cause skin cancer.

    But the sun does not penetrate to deep layers of the skin and skin damage cannot be repaired if it occurs.

    The skin is more susceptible to UV damage than to all types of UV radiation, which includes the harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

    The German government has not responded to a request for comment from Reuters.

    In Germany and many other European countries, skin cancer rates are high, and more than 70 percent of all people will develop skin cancer within their lifetimes, according to a report by the German Cancer Society.

    The cost of sun exposure is a big concern.

    Many sun-worshippers rely on cheap sunscopes, or “sunblock”, which come in a wide range of colors and sun blocks.

    Some people who suffer from skin damage in Germany also suffer from severe sunburn, or dermatitis externa, which causes redness, peeling and inflammation of the eye, according the German National Institute of Dermalogy.

    It is a condition that can be life-changing for some people, but others will not recover.

    Some skin problems can be corrected, Kichers research director said.

    In a recent study, doctors in Germany found that more than a third of people suffering from sun blemishing who had undergone a treatment in Germany had already recovered.”

    This is a real opportunity for patients and patients themselves to do their research,” Kachler said.

    For the new generation of people who have sunburn and are trying to protect themselves, it is not always possible to apply the sunblock, said Miki Kontou, a skin doctor in Kich, who has been treating patients with sunburn.”

    There is a lot of pressure for people to use sunblock and not to take care of the problem, but it’s hard to avoid the sun,” she said.

    She is now trying to change that, by using a cream made of microalgae, a type of algae found in seaweed.

    It is less likely to irritate skin and can help to reduce the amount of sun damage caused by the sunscreen.”

    When you put the suncream on, it reduces the amount [of sun damage] but it also reduces the risk of skin cancer,” Kontoulis said.

    Many of the people who need the cream to have any effect are elderly people who are not getting enough sun protection, Kontous said.

    Her clients include people in nursing homes who have skin problems that are often not covered under the sunblocks.”

    The problem is that you can’t really do anything with this sunblock without risking skin damage,” Kondou said.

    The sunblock costs about 30 euros ($33) and is available for the first time in Germany this month.

    It does not contain artificial ingredients.

    The cream is available in Germany for a limited time at the new skin care store “Kontouli,” run by the Kich-Kontou Foundation.

    It also has a new skin moisturizer called “Kochstelle” in the shape of a suncream.

    Kochsteil is selling the new moisturizer at a discounted price of about 20 euros ($23), which is a savings


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