Posted February 06, 2018 07:19:00 It’s easy to spend $300,000 on an air-conditioned condo in the Bahamas and expect it to be perfect for you, but if you’re trying to avoid paying a $30,000 check for an air conditioner, you might want to consider a few tricks.

    According to this article on the Air Canada website, a $15,000 deposit will cover most of the air-con costs in the condo, but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

    First, the condo will need to have a new air-conduit installed.

    This may sound obvious, but when air-cushioning is installed, the air will be forced back into the unit.

    In other words, if you move to a condo in a condo with a $150,000 air-supply, the unit will need a new condenser to meet the air demand.

    If you’re stuck with a previous air-source, you’ll need to install an air condenser for the new unit.

    If you’re going to install the air conditioners yourself, there are some other tips you should be aware of.

    “The best way to keep the air in the unit cool is to buy a unit that has a good air conditioning system.

    When a new unit comes in, the system will need time to adapt to the new air condition.

    If the unit has a compressor or fans that work well, the condenser can be installed with the air being forced into the units exhaust system.

    If not, the compressor or fan can be used to remove air from the unit, but you’ll have to do some manual labor to install a new compressor or air fan.

    Air-conditioning systems need to be well maintained and kept in working order.”

    To find out more about air-cooling and condo living, check out our full guide to air-pumps.

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