By now you’ve heard about the Halo lights in the sky above you and the field of lights in your living room.

    Now there’s another one of those lights up in your backyard that may be just as striking.

    It’s a path of light, or lights, as the owner, John, puts it, which is just one of many things that are happening in the backyard of his home in West Covina, California.

    The lights are all connected by a network of bulbs that have a little LED light attached to them, and the owner says that they were designed to make it easier for the dog to see what’s going on around him, and it works.

    It was just something that was needed, he says.

    But it’s not the only way you can see what is happening in your yard.

    It also lets you know if there are new grass or plants growing in the yard.

    And it is the only light system that lets you see the sun, the sky and what is going on in your garden.

    John, who is now retired, said that he had a dream about this project years ago when he was still working on his house.

    His wife, Karen, told him about it in an email and he decided to try it out.

    When he started the project, he and his wife built a simple little house and started a garden.

    They also bought some other things like a garden bench and a shed for their dogs.

    When the lights started going off around the house, the dogs had to get up and go outside.

    John said that there are a lot of ways to get a different result.

    But they’ve found that the lights that come out of the bulb are not just a different color or different shape, they are different colors and shapes.

    John’s wife Karen, who has a dog named Dolly, told ABC News that the Hales have a lot more fun with it than their other dogs.

    They can look out the window and see the garden and the lights, and they can play in the front yard.

    But the best part about the lights is that they are bright, and that is what makes it so easy for the dogs to see.

    They like that it makes them look cool, and there is a nice sense of adventure and play.

    There are also other benefits to the system as well, like when they have a walk they can just look up and see that the sky is lit up.

    The house has also become a sanctuary for the family, with the Haliens’ two dogs, Daisy and Dolly.

    They are very excited about this, Karen says.

    And John says that when they leave, he doesn’t mind leaving his yard because it is a place where they can come back to and do things.

    “It’s the same experience, the same adventure,” he said.

    And that is why this project has really brought joy to the family.

    They say that they have always had fun with the lights.

    But when you’re the owner of a family, it can be easy to get caught up in the things that you want to see in your home and the things you want from your yard, they say.

    That’s what this project was all about.

    They love that this light is out there and they love it that there is this little light that lets them see what they need.

    “I’m just so grateful that they want this light, and I can do this with my dogs,” John says.

    “And I can have fun with them too, because they are very independent.

    And when they see the lights they are in a totally different world, and we have fun.”


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