By Kate NaughtonThe lights at the 2017 Vancouver International Festival of the Arts were a bit out of this world.

    A festival that’s so popular in its home city, it was already drawing the interest of a lot of local companies and people who were curious to see what this new industry might do with a few new LED bulbs.

    With so many young people flocking to the festival, it’s a bit surprising that there weren’t a lot more lights in the festival’s pavilion.

    It turns out the lights aren’t all that special.

    While many festival-goers will take comfort in the novelty of seeing a giant illuminated wall, others are more curious about what the lights actually do.

    There are a few different types of LED lights that are out there.

    A few are designed to turn your home into a giant outdoor party, while others are built specifically for the festival.

    So far, the biggest selling type is the LED, which is essentially a single bulb, so there’s no need for a lot, says Rob Taylor, founder and CEO of LED lighting brand Lighting for All.

    In terms of the kind of lights that can be used, the lightest and the most energy-efficient are the most popular, he says.

    You’ll see lights that have been modified to be brighter than the ones that come out of a bulb.

    The light from these LED bulbs is pretty dim.

    It’s a good thing, because it’s very inefficient, he explains.

    It uses a lot less energy than incandescent bulbs and will last a lot longer.

    A little LED light can make a big difference in the way a festival is lit.

    If you have a festival at home, you can set up a LED light bar, with a simple timer and a set of lights, says Matthew Jardine, a director of marketing for Light for All, a division of LED Lighting, Inc.

    The most popular way to light up a festival can be with a portable light bulb.

    That’s because most festivals have portable LED lights.

    But some people want the best of both worlds, he notes.

    A lot of festivals are running their own lighting.

    It will be up to the vendor to choose the type of lights they use.

    The LED bulbs are not the only ones, of course, but they’re the most common type.

    Here’s how to make your own festival lights:If you don’t have a portable LED light, you could purchase one for around $30 online or at a local hardware store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

    (You can find them at your local hardware stores.)

    The best time to light the lights is at night.

    The more lights you have, the longer they’ll last.

    If there are lots of festival attendees, the most efficient way to get the most light out of your festival lights is to light them up during the day, says Taylor.

    The LED lights come in all different sizes, from 5 watt bulbs to 15 watt bulbs.

    If you can find the best-looking bulbs for your festival, Taylor says, they should be able to light everything from a large crowd to a small, intimate gathering.

    Once you have the best bulbs for the area, you’ll need to choose a different color to match the festival theme.

    That means choosing from different lighting themes, including colorful LED lighting.

    If your festival is in the middle of a festival, that can mean choosing from one or two different themes, like festival lights for a dance party.

    There are also LED lighting for other events like a food truck event.

    In order to light your festival’s lights, you need a couple of things.

    First, you have to bring a battery to charge the lights.

    It takes about 20 minutes for a typical 5 watt light bulb to last three hours.

    The batteries are cheap, and they’re good for about six hours of use.

    You also need a way to store the lights that you’ll use for your event.

    To store them, they’re held in a waterproof case, or they can be placed on a shelf in your living room.

    The best option is to keep the lights in a plastic bag, but if you’re storing them in a place like a garage, they’ll be hard to access.

    If all of these things are done right, you should have a working festival light in about five minutes, says Jardin.

    In the event that you don�t have time to charge your festival light before your event, you may need to purchase batteries for your own lights and set up your own battery bank to store them.

    It can be tricky to set up the right charger, though.

    If your festival has multiple events, you might want to use a standard LED or the standard charging pad.

    Once the lights are up and running, it�s a matter of finding the best way to use them.

    Jardina says that if you can get the lights out of the case and into the proper location, it will last you longer.

    You can also find the right color of


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