Led lights are getting more sophisticated, as are the buttons.

    You can also see which dashboards have lights, and which have buttons.

    There are three different lighting options for the dashboard lights, which are also different to the ones that you can set up in the game.

    The lights are all coloured white, and the buttons are all black.

    I like the idea of the dashboard lighting, but I wish there was a way to turn them off, and it would make things more visually interesting, I say.

    Here is the dashboard light list, with colour and name: Dashboard lights: Blue: Power On, Stopwatch, Clock, Volume Up, Stop and Stopwatch Button.

    Green: Power Off, Stop Watch, Clock and Volume Down.

    White: Battery Charge, Sleep, Display Power, Clock Display, Volume Down Button.

    Black: Power on, Battery Charge and Sleep Button.

    Dashboard buttons: Left-most: Clock, Display, Battery Power, Volume UP Button.

    Right-most (top left): Volume Up Button, Display.

    Bottom-right: Volume Down button, Display and Battery Power Button.

    Button layout: The left-most button on the left side is the power button, the right-most is the volume up button and the bottom right is the display power button.

    For some reason, you can’t see the clock and display power buttons in this image, and I don’t know why.

    The dashboard buttons are coloured white and have the word “Power” or “Power Up” or the letters “POWER” or similar on them.

    The buttons have a circle next to them.

    Button name: Power button.

    Power On button. 

    The power button is a red dot on the dash.

    It is the one that opens up the menu.

    The left side of the power bar is the Clock display.

    The clock display is the clock.

    The display power indicator is a small yellow dot on top of the clock bar.

    The volume up and volume down buttons have an arrow next to their names.

    The button labelled “Clock” has a black dot next to it.

    The Display Power indicator is yellow on top, and red on the bottom.

    The battery power indicator has a red arrow next it.

    Power on, stopwatch and sleep are all on the same bar as well, but the clock is not.

    There is no clock indicator on the right side of this bar, although you can see the seconds. 

    In this image you can also find the Clock, display and battery power indicators.

    This is what it looks like when the display is off.

    You can see that the display has two bars, and that there are two different colours for the power indicator, and both have different letters on them: WHITE and BLACK.

    The Clock, clock and battery indicator are the only ones on the dashboard.

    It doesn’t matter which of these lights you have, it’s always the same: it’s the Power On light.

    In this video, the dashboard is not on, and you can only see the Power Off light.

    The other lights are not illuminated, so they don’t have any colour to them either.

    When you press the power on or stop button, you’ll see the Dashboard Light on the screen, along with the clock, display, battery and display Power indicators.

    The power bar has three bars, with a black triangle next to the bottom of the bar.

    Dashboards with no light and no light indicators. 

    Dashboards that have a display and a clock.

    If you press a power button while the clock or display is on, the clock will turn on and you’ll hear the sound of the time ticking.

    And if you press power, the display will turn off and the display indicator will turn red.

    All of the lights are the same colour, but they all have a different name.

    The dashboards that don’t use any lights or a clock are the ones with the power, power, battery, display or display indicator on.

    How do I set the game to use the same lights?

    You have two options here.

    One is to have the lights use the colour of the buttons, and not the colour that is in the menu bar.

    This will work if the game uses the same lighting, like in the Xbox One dashboard.

    It won’t work if you use the lights with different colours, like you can do in games like GTA V. Another option is to use one of the lighting settings that are available in the dashboard menu, like a colour that’s different to your dashboard.

    In this case, the colour you can choose is white.

    You don’t need to do this, but it will look nicer.

    If the lights don’t light up when I press the button, it means that they’re disabled, and there is no way to change that. 

    If you have the same button and dashboard


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