It’s not the most exciting Christmas gift in the world, but the latest clip art from the Garage Lighting company is sure to catch the eye of everyone who is new to the industry.

    The company created a series of three clips based on the classic movie “The Wizard of Oz” featuring scenes from The Wizard of Zilpha, and one of the clips features a giant, blue light filter being placed inside a car.

    Grateful for the attention, the company created another clip to capture a scene from the movie.

    In the video, the camera is set up on a street corner and a car appears to be moving toward it.

    Gift shop employee Alex is standing on a corner where a large car appears.

    She tells the camera, “That’s the Christmas light I’m looking for.”

    The video has been viewed over 17,000 times and has received over 1,300 comments.

    Alex says the new clip will be displayed in all the gift shops across the country.

    Gainesville resident Amy McFarland says she will have her own collection of Christmas lights.

    “I love it because I know that when I look at it I’m going to see something I haven’t seen in a while,” she said.

    “It’s pretty awesome.”

    The Garage Lighting clip art has been designed for all kinds of holiday decorating.

    For instance, a family member may have the same Christmas tree, or a family friend may have a Christmas tree with a giant Christmas light inside.

    The video also includes a Christmas greeting, with a family greeting in the background.

    The Garage Light brand is owned by New York-based Lighting Concepts Inc. The company is also part of the Blue Light filter collection from the U.S. Department of Energy.

    Garrett Bolesen, Lighting Concepts’ head of product development, says the company’s Christmas lighting line is based on an original concept from the Wizard of OZ.

    He says it was a fun and creative way to show off his company’s newest product.

    “We’ve always been about capturing the spirit of Christmas and celebrating the season,” Bolesan said.

    Garrick Wahlberg is also in the studio.

    In his new film, “Christmas in the Wild,” he plays a young boy who is inspired to decorate a tree in a forest after witnessing a tree being chopped down by an axe.

    Garrison Boleson says he designed the clip art to represent the spirit.

    “The whole idea was to make something that would make you think, ‘Oh, that’s a little bit different,’ because it’s a lot more colorful than the usual Christmas lights,” he said.


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