A trailer lights are everywhere, so it makes sense that the first thing you see in the dark is a light bulb.

    But it turns out that the same type of bulb that lights up a lot of the trailers in movies and TV shows isn’t the same one you’ll see on your car dashboard or at home.

    Instead, a light novel light bulb is a fluorescent bulb that can create a glowing effect when lit.

    And that’s what the creators behind the trailer lights for the upcoming video game Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia are hoping you’ll love.

    The trailer lights from the game are actually called “trailer bulbs” and are actually the result of a collaboration between Japanese developer Nintendo and the Light Novel Company.

    The developers have already released the first trailer for the game, which you can watch below.

    It features a series of animated light bulbs, one for each of the characters from the Fire Emblem series, with some of them having even a few scenes that involve them.

    The idea was to give fans of the series an opportunity to see some of the different characters from Fire Emblem in a way that was more interactive.

    Fire Emblem fans, rejoice!

    The trailer also features the characters talking to each other through their handheld devices, making use of the technology to communicate with each other.

    But the main attraction of the trailer is the trailer itself.

    It’s an amazing, original, and incredibly immersive trailer.

    You can see a trailer of the game for yourself by checking out the embedded video below.

    You’ll see a whole lot more of the Fire Emperors in the trailer, too.

    The game’s creators are hoping to release the trailer in late February or early March, with the trailer available to stream on the Nintendo Switch’s official website.

    In case you’re wondering, this is the game’s trailer:


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