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    Its what they say on the tin.

    Read moreRead Recode’s corporate parent company, Dish Network, said Thursday that it has joined the push for “smart light fixtures” that would provide the same functionality as existing fixtures.

    That’s because they will not use the energy of the sunlight to illuminate the surface of the room.

    Instead, they will use the light of the sun to create an image that can be viewed on a smart phone, tablet or other device.

    Dish Network and Led LED Lighting announced the first smart lighting for kitchens at a technology conference in Las Vegas on Thursday.DISH Network is joining the efforts of Led Light, which makes fixtures for commercial kitchens.

    Led Light’s new Smart Light technology uses sensors to automatically turn on and off light based on user activity.

    It has been available for some time and is available in the kitchen for about $40.

    The company has a patent for a smart light system, and Dish Network said that the first model is designed for businesses that use the new technology.

    The new model will have three lighting modes: night, daytime and night inversion.

    Each mode will be triggered when a user turns the light on, lights off and then turns it off again.

    For the night mode, a light will be dimmed to indicate that a person is not currently in the room and that it is not in a specific room.

    For the daytime mode, the light will dim to indicate the person is inside the room, but not at a specific time.

    For night inversions, the lights will turn on, but dim when the person enters the room during the day and turns off when the door is closed.

    The Smart Light has a battery that lasts for about three months and will be able to operate for about seven years, according to the company.

    For more information on the new smart lighting, watch:


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